• Removable cleat covers on the heel strap allow you to choose the optional grip needed for your horse hooves.

  • Cable and buckle system offers numerous adjustments.

  • Bevelled toe provides a natural break over.

  • Boot fits below the hairline to prevent rubs

  • Replaceable parts

Available in 11 sizes (Pony - 7) • Sold Individually


Suitable for: Horses with longer than wide hooves whose measurements fit within one size category covering short or long distances. Works best on horse with good feet and strong walls for the boot to grip. Ideal for use as a spare tyre if a metal shoe is lost.

Not suitable for: Horses with flared or wider than long hooves or horses with very low or under run heels.

The Easyboot is the original hoof boot first designed in 1970 by Dr Neel Glass (a nuclear physicist), for his horse suffering from Navicular disease. This patented hoof boot is now used for the correction and treatment of numerous hoof ailments including laminitis/ founder, navicular, puncture wounds, abscesses, bruises, contracted heels and impact related injuries. The Easyboot provides excellent protection for both occasional and long distance riding, providing traction on rocks, tarmac, snow and ice. Easyboots are designed for use as a shoeing alternative or spare tyre when loosing a shoe, but some riders even use them for protection over shoes*.

* Please note that the use of any hoof boot over metal shoes will invalidate the warranty.

The Easyboot, produced by Easycare inc. in the US have been the industries leading horse boot for the last 30 years, and during that time they have been worn for a huge variety of equestrian pursuits including winning endurance races and use by the mounted police units.

The Easycare Easyboot is ideal for horses whose measurements are within the same width and length in a size. The horse ideally needs good shaped feet with no flare in order for the boot to grip properly, as there is no gaiter or other means to aid keeping the boot on other than how well the boot fit’s the foot. With a flared foot, the boot will not be able to fit close enough to grip the hoof well which may lead to boot loss. For horses that are prone to loosing boots or are undertaking more demanding ground conditions, a gaitered boot such as the epic, bare or edge would be more suitable.


Buckle Lock pins

Removeable Cleat Cover

EasyUp Cable/Buckle

Easycare Boot Studs

Easyboot Screwset

Replacement Easyboot Cable

Replacement Heelstrap with Cleats

Comfort pads

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