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Easyboot RX2



  • Number of boots supplied: 1

  • EVA midsole, cushion upper, customizeable tread pattern to reduce leverage in all directions.

  • Ease of use: Easy to apply

  • Ideal for: Therapy purposes, including chronic lameness, founder, navicular and other lower limb and hoof problems. Not intended for riding or exercise.

The Easyboot RX2 is the latest version of the very popular original RX therapy hoof boot. The RX2 has been designed for therapy use (not for riding or turnout), and is Easycare's most robust therapy hoof boot yet! The RX2 hoof boot is light weight, featuring a rocker bottom and tread pattern to help ease the stride and reduce leverage, and the tread is thick enough to be customised by trimming or rasping to get individual relief if required. The built in thick EVA midsole gives comfort and support, and the cushioned upper keeps the boot secures and comfortable to wear. The RX2 has been designed to help horses suffering from chronic lameness, laminitis, founder, navicular and other lower leg and hoof problems.

Please note: The sizing for the new RX2 is different to the original RX.

When choosing and using this hoof boot:

This boot is designed for use in the stable/yard/small area such as a round pen, and is not made for ridden work or turnout etc. They should ideally be sized and fitted within 7 days of a trim suitable for a working barefoot horse (or at a time when there is nothing at all to trim, and there is still a good rolled edge). If you need to fit the boots between trims, it is important to at least ensure there is a good rolled edge on the hooves to prevent damage to the inside of the boots/pads. The size charts are a good guide to sizing, but this cannot take in to account of the angle of the hoof, heel height and other features of the hooves which will ultimately also effect the fit of the boots. 

Comfort Pads
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