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Comfort Pads

Easycare comfort pads are the ideal compliment to almost any hoof boot in the Easycare range. The comfort pad is a flat pad designed to increase comfort and reduce concussion. Comfort pads increase heel comfort so that all horses- sound or unsound- are encouraged to move correctly. Comfort pads can also be a useful tool to improve the fit of a boot. A comfort pad will provide cushioning, additional protection and and shock absorption to the hoof as well as support to the frog. Comfort pads are an excellent aid in transitioning a horse from shod to barefoot, and exercise both the internal and external structures of the hoof to help build a stronger hoof capsule.

Comfort pads are available in three densities; soft, medium and hard.

  • Soft are ideal for very sore horses, or as the top pad in a stack if required.

  • Medium is the most popular density as it offers resistance coupled with a good amount of give.

  • Hard is useful to lift the hoof up if the heel is short or the hoof sits too low in a boot.

Comfort pads come in two thicknesses:

  • 6mm which is ideal for everyday use, or to stack in any density combination to alter the fit of a boot if the heels are very short or the hoof sits too low in the boot.

  • 12mm are a brilliant pad to help encourage a hoof to strengthen and improve, a soft or medium 12mm is usually the best pad to use on a transitioning horse, the more sore the horse is the softer the pad should be.

Power Strap for the Easyboot Glove

The power strap is ideal for use with the glove if you have gaps along the top of the boot, or if you ride in extreme conditions. Helps to keep the upper portion of the glove shell fit tighter around the hoof. The tighter fit the power strap gives the boot helps to keep dirt and grit out of the boot. The power strap also helps to improve the fit of the glove on feet with flair or imbalances and also aids in keeping the boot centred in extreme conditions.

Easycare Spare Screws

Separate screw sets for the Easycare range of boots.

Glove Soft Spare Gaiter

Comes complete with screw set.

Easyboot Spare Gaiter

Comes complete with screw set.

Replacement Buckle/Cable Set

One buckle & cable set complete with fixings for use with the Easyboot & Easyboot Epic

Easycare Quick Studs

Easycare quick studs are ideal to help give extra traction on wet, slippery or muddy ground and are small enough to be safe on some harder surfaces (at the riders discretion). The quick studs are small and round (approx 7mm accross at the widest point and protrude 5mm when in the boot) and ideal for extra traction.

Easycare Studs

Studs designed for use with any appropriate hoof boot. It is recommended that 4 studs per boot are used to keep the hoof balanced. The studs provide durability and ultimate traction.

Pack of 4 in 1" & 3/4".

Easyboot Buckle Lock Pin

Supplied as a pack of 10, these split pins are designed to lock down the front buckle of the Easyboot. Especially useful when riding on rocky terrain.

Quick Stud Tool

Tool specifically for the use with the Easycare Quick Studs.

Replacement Comfort Strap

Standard on the Epic. Lower profile comfort strap with bevelled edge that makes boot application easier. Complete with screws, not suitable for the Easyboot. Sold individually.

Replacement Heelstrap with Cleats

Standard Easyboot heelstrap, sold individually.

Easyboot Taper

Supplied as one pair to allow one Epic to work without a backstrap. Complete with screws, nuts and washers the taper is ideal for horses with very low heels or to allow a slightly longer hoof to fit in an existing boot. Not suitable for use on the Easyboot.

Easyboot Cloud Replacement Pads

Pair of replacement pads for use with the Easyboot Cloud.

Easygaiter Extention

The Easycare Easygaiter extension is a useful little device to increase the size of a gaiter to fit a bigger boned horse. This gaiter expander can be used on any Easycare gaiter

Easyboot Removable Cleat Cover

Replacement cleat covers as supplied with the Easyboot. One pair for one boot supplied.

Old Mac Gaiter

One pair of gaiters to fit ld Mac’s. Recommended for sandy or muddy conditions and often useful when first wearing in new hoof boots. Gaiters can also be helpful where the horse has thin pasterns to take up the gap, and provide cushioning and protection against rubbing. Sold in pairs.

Old Mac Inserts

For use in Old Mac’s when there is excessive gap at the side of the boot due to a long, narrow hoof, or to help prevent a boot from twisting by allowing the boot to grip the hoof more snugly. Sold as a pack of 4 to fit a pair of boots.

 Back Country Front Gaiter

Replacement front gaiter for the back country upper. The size upper you need is the same size as your glove shell. It is possible to use a 1/2 size up for a slightly larger hoof/coronet area or 1/2 size smaller to make the boot a slightly tighter fit.

Old Mac Pastern Wraps

Pull on design, for use with Old Mac’s original or G2 hoof boots. The pastern wraps provide extra cushioning and protection of the sensitive pastern and heel bulbs. Fully aerated, hook and loop fastening, sold in pairs.

Back Country Snug Strap

The strap allows you to add a secure strap similar to that on the Old Mac G2 in order to hold the velcro securely shut. This strap is ideal when you need to work your horse in deep mud, want to gallop or jump or to get the best fit for your horses hooves. The strap is supplied singly, so you will need 2 straps to convert a pair of boots.

Back Country Comfort Cup

Replacement comfort cup for the back country. The size you need is the same size as your boot shell. 

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