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Easyboot Fury Sling



  • Number of boots supplied: 1

  • Constructed from: Durable, lightweight material with a padded collar

  • Ease of use: Very easy to fit and use

  • Level of work: Ideal for leisure riding

  • The Easyboot Fury suits: A very large range of hoof shapes due to its adjustable nature, from round to longer than wide

  • Fastening type: Simple one stud closure

  • Box contains: 1 Fury Sling boot with instructions

The Easyboot Fury is a brand new and innovative design in hoof boots, being one of the most adjustable hoof boots on the market.


The Easyboot Fury hoof boot offers adjustability in both length and heel height, which helps to ensure a good fit on a wide range of hoof shapes, plus enabling a secure and comfortable fit in case changes need to occur throughout the trim cycle.

The Easyboot Fury insole features a heel counter that allows for up to 25mm of adjustable length, and the Fury's heel sling allows for up to 16mm in height adjustment, with just the use of a screwdriver.

The Easyboot Fury tread is a tried and tested new semi-aggresive tread, to give you traction when you need it, without jarring. The Fury is very lightweight, shock absorbing and allows free drainage of water out of the boot.

The Fury is available with different fixing systems, the Fury Heart features a padded heel sling, and pivots backward for hassle-free on and off. Two straps across the front allow you to add extra security to the fit easily, with no extra hardware needed.

The Easyboot Fury is sold in singles and is available in sizes 0.5 - 3 (in half sizes) The Fury is the ideal hoof boot for top end endurance, but is of course equally suitable for schooling/ jumping/ leisure riding/ hacking etc too.

Here are a few tips from Easycare to help you get the best possible fit with the Fury.

Has your horse been wearing Gloves? Usuaully size up by .5 to get the size you need in a Fury. e.g. If your horse wears a size 1 in a Glove, try the 1.5 in the Fury.

1. Adjust the length

Once you’ve received your correctly sized Easyboot Fury, you will adjust the length to fit your horse. A properly adjusted boot helps ensure a proper break over and prevents twisting.

The Easyboot Fury comes with 25mm of length adjustment.  Adjust the length to a snug fit – you want the fit to be tight from heel to toe.  The snug fit will push the toe toward to the front of the boot and ensure the proper break over position.

A snug heel to toe fit also prevents twisting.  After the length has been adjusted to fit the hoof, apply Loctite® Threadlocker (included with each boot) to the two screws and t-nuts in the sole of the boot.  This prevents the length measurement from loosening over time.

2. Adjust the height 

When the boot is adjusted properly the heel sling keeps the boot in place and prevents rubbing.  If the heel sling is too high there is a potential for rubbing, if it’s too low there is a potential for a boot coming off.

The heel height adjustment may require some trial and error but for general guidelines, the Fury Heart heel sling should parallel the hairline and the Fury Sling heel sling should fit over the bulbs and no higher. After the height has been adjusted to fit the bulbs apply thread locker to the two screws and t-nuts.  This will ensure the height of the heel sling does not loosen with time.

3. Remove excess shell length

Remove excess shell length if you’re applying the Fury boot to the front feet.  When the boot is adjusted for a round hoof shape it’s important to remove excess from the back of the boot so it does not get pulled off.

Looking for a more custom fit on a difficult to fit hoof?

If you’re looking for a more custom fit, heat fit your Easyboot Fury shell. This will mold the shell to the hoof for the perfect fit you’re seeking.

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